The EFI motorcycle is difficult to start, and the fault light is not lit. Is it possible that this component is the cause?

HOME    The EFI motorcycle is difficult to start, and the fault light is not lit. Is it possible that this component is the cause?
Created on:2019-10-29 13:09

After picking up the car, the odometer line is damaged, the mileage is unknown, the vehicle does not show the fault code, and the vehicle is checked one by one according to the maintenance procedures of the model.
Check that the cylinder compression pressure is normal, the valve timing and the valve clearance have been checked, and no problems have been found. Since the repair station has never repaired the EFI motorcycle, no one dared to disassemble it easily. He had to call the Chunlan headquarters.
I was visiting the Hangzhou market at that time. After receiving the information, I rushed to the scene to handle the matter. Chunlan CL125-6 EFI motorcycle is a new product that has only been listed. I am also the first contact, and I dare not neglect. After listening to the introduction of the maintenance station personnel, I know that the car has not been inspected except for the EFI system, and the other circuits (including spark plugs, high-pressure packages, etc.), gas path and mechanical parts have all been checked.
It should be noted that the electronically controlled fuel injection technology used by Chunlan CL125-6 EFI motorcycle was not very sound at the time, especially the closed-loop control without oxygen sensor technology, which belongs to open-loop control.
Asking the user about the use of gasoline and other conditions, the EFI has been riding for more than 2 years. Since the odometer line is broken, it is estimated that at least 20,000 kilometers. I asked him if the fuel filter in the fuel tank was cleaned or replaced. He shook his head and said that he did not know.
Preliminary analysis of the status quo of the vehicle from the scene, the difficulty of starting the fault may be due to the oil pressure of the filter of the fuel filter filter is low, or the fuel pressure regulator is faulty or the oil pipe connected to the fuel pressure regulator is loose, resulting in oil pressure Caused by a drop (normal fuel pressure of about 0.2Mpa).
According to the inspection procedure, first turn on the ignition switch, and the indicator light on the instrument panel lights up. Listen carefully to the sound of the electric fuel pump in the fuel tank, start the engine, and the machine will run out for a while.
Turn off the emergency flameout switch. After the engine is turned off, short the two terminals of the ECU fault diagnosis interface under the motorcycle seat cushion with special wires for 5 seconds. The ECU uses the pulse voltage to drive the flashing of the indicator light to realize the output of the fault code. After the indicator light is on for 3 seconds, the stored fault information is displayed.